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The Roots

The kids of pre-primary can flow like the water of spring & fly independently like the butterflies in the Garden. Children are sometimes overburdened due to the heavy load of studies. To overcome this error in our system, “Freedom Valley School” has made The Roots Completely independent.

Montessori Wing

Montessori wing has been given special attention by providing separate kids Garden, Sand pit, Swings, Slides, Toy Room, Clay ModellingCorner , Activity corner and Audio Vishul Aids personal attention is given to each child though constant evaluation, Childs personal profile, Filled in with grades based on personality, Health, Academics, Sports, Co-Curricular activities etc. is provided to the parents in every P.T.A meeting. Children are taken for excursion bimonthly to give them real life experience. Special days (colours day, fruits days, season day) are celebrated to clear the concepts through activites and games. Festival celebration and moral values based thematic assemblies help the children to develop and retain our culture and values.

Sicence Lab

The true way to understand the varied facts of science is a well equipped laboratory. Initially, Freedom Valley School is preparing a laboratory to meet the standards of primary leval. The complications of scientific principles and facts are solved out here in this lab which are built as per the instruction of the learned science –teachers of surat.

Maths Lab

Towards Joyful learning.
Maths lab is a separate room equipped with teaching – learning materials include models, games, charts, pictures, posters, puzzles, geometrical instruments and simple tools.


It is said that in order to go beyond this world, we do not need any space-ship or aircraft, but good books. The good literature alone will help to wade through the oceans of this worldly life.
It is very important that the children should develop a common sense and be well aware of General Knowledge along with their formal education. Freedom Valley School provides such an attractive reading environment that the children stick to the books as they enter into the library hall. Where they can choose a DVD / CD / BOOK of their own choice.

Drawing Hall

This is such an art-room where one can introduce one self with the ancient as well as modern art of famous artists.
Freedom Valley School has a different outlook regarding this matter. So far as drawing and painting is concerned, no class-room teaching will be there. Rat her, the students will be lod to the drawing-hall where they will learn everything through the hands on training by the art teacher.

Computer/language Lab

An indispensable gardget in this age.
The only way to reach all the limits of the scientific age is to learn computers. Freedom Valley School has arranged large computer room where students are provided with one student on one LCD computer basis. The computer education starts right from Sr. K.G. This is not just an effort to play & learn, but a stepping stone for the children to be a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, an industrialist or a professor in future.

Worldwide Web Technology

Students are free from the physical boundaries of class room. They Enjoy not only learning resources of the school but also of the World via Internet.

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